An accessible, and informative, story of government and business support for worker ownership.... Spotlights an important area of American economic history.

Library Journal


This provocative study exposes a long-lost history of successful profit-sharing within U.S. capitalism.  Good business (not conscience), the authors argue, holds the promise of a more equal and therefore more democratically organized society. This is an optimistic, but eminently plausible scenario.

Alice Kessler-Harris, author of In Pursuit of Equity: Women, Men and the Quest for Economic Citizenship in Twentieth Century America and R. Gordon Hoxie Professor of American History, Columbia University


This book offers the compelling vision of a better healthier American economy founded on the basic principles of employee ownership and profit sharing. The deep-rooted history of this American vision is elegantly interwoven with the results of modern rigorous research. The Citizen’s Share is a wonderfully readable book with an important message that will provoke serious thought and discussion.

Martin L. Weitzman, Professor of Economics, Harvard University and author of The Share Economy


A few years ago, Blasi, Kruse, and Freeman caught people’s attention with an intriguing thesis: that a company performs better when owned by its workers . In this book, the authors go a step further. They make the interesting and provocative claim that worker ownership also improves democracy. Readers may disagree with the conclusion, but they will want to understand the argument.

Eric S. Maskin, Nobel laureate in Economics and Adams University Professor, Harvard University