Author/Speaking Engagements

Joseph Blasi
Phone of Assistant: 848-445-4722 

Richard Freeman
Phone of Assistant: 617-868-3900

Douglas Kruse
Phone: 848-445-5991

Note: Professor Kruse is on leave as Senior Economist working for the Council of Economic Advisors through August 2014, and will be checking his University email account only intermittently. He will not be available to do events during this time.

Media Inquiries

Alden M. Ferro,Publicist
Yale University Press 
Phone: 203.432.0909

Publisher/Bulk Sales

A significant discount is available on bulk orders for book signings and book parties and special events.

Larry Laconi
National Accounts Manager
Special Sales Manager
Yale University Press
Phone: 203-432-7350 or 203-432-0966